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Duties of the Assistant Directors of Institutional Finance U.P.

1-     Resources of identification of new schemes for utilization of institutional finance.

2-     Publication of RBI & GOI, new policy guidelines.

3-     Study of bank schemes of data banks to give them uniform shapes.

4-     To acquaint banks of areas with banking potential.

5-     Removal of legal & administrative bottlenecks coming in the way of availability of institutional finance.

6-     Study of schemes pertaining to institutional finance of other states.

7-     Compilation and analysis of banking statistics area & state wise.

8-     Publication of monograms/booklets/compendia etc. relating to institutional finance.

9-     Publication of quarterly news letter.

10- Monitoring of state owned corporations with respect to I.F.

11- To collect, compile and analyze data regarding mobilization of I.F. in the state pertaining to various corporations/institutions/banks etc.

12- To prepare plan for expansion of commercial /regional rural banks. Branch network in the state and also monitor the expansion thereof.

13-   To keep contact and co-ordinate with Govt. Deptts./banks/institutional finance institutions for mobilization of I.F. for the various programmes of the states with special attention to the 20 point programme, Integrated Rural Development Programme and Special component plan.

14- To monitor and help the Commercial banks in recovery of bank dues through the U.P. Agricultural Credit Act and the U.P. Public Money Recovery of the Dues Act.

15- To ensure timely preparation of the district credit plans and also to monitor and review the progress thereof.

16- Planning and implementation of NABARD schemes coordination with banks and Govt. Deptts.

17- Identification of the new areas for maximum utilization of NABARD refinances.

18- Monitoring of NABARD projects and removing bottlenecks.

19- To represent the State Govt. on the Board of Director and the Regional Rural Banks with a view to ensure effective functioning of the RRBs.

20- The help the public corporations in preparation of commercially viable projects for availing I.F.

21- To conduct study of various programmes.

22- To follow up implementation and lead bank schemes.