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                   Directorate Of Institutional Finance,Insurance And Externally Aided Project ,Uttar Pradesh Lucknow.


Directorate of Institutional Finance was created vide Govt. order dated 3.8.1972 and renamed as Directorate Instititutional Finance and Sarvhit Beema vide Govt. order- S.R. – 107/ten-90-212[15]/88 dated 11 Jan. 1990. The Department has been restructured as Directorate General of Institutional Finance, Insurance and Externally aided project wide govt. Order -26((B)/Ka.Ni-6-2015-98(75/2000) T.C Dated 30 January 2015.The Directorate is actively coordinating with various banks and financial institutions to carry out and implement the policy decisions of U.P. Govt. It’s main functions are as follows:-

  • To act as forum for coordination among central financial institutions/ commercial banks and Government Departments & Public/Co-operative regional institutions & to assist executive/administrative departments in the implementation of various welfare programmes/ employment oriented schemes.
  • To help formulate bankable credit schemes for the weaker section in view of providing them with resources for employment and to declare these schemes as State sponsored under U.P. Public Money (Recovery of dues) Act.
  • To help in formulating annual credit plans under service area approach through lead banks for the economic development of the districts and to continuously monitoring of the financing under annual credit plan to ensure overall development of State.
  • To coordinate with the RRB’s at State Level and monitoring of their programmes.
  • To provide guidelines to Institutional Finance consultative Committees set up at district/divisional level and remove problems raised at these fora.
  • To continuously monitor credit deposit ratio of banks and to deal with the public grievances received with regard to bank finance.
  • To assist banks in recovery of their dues under recovery certificates & also assist to the rescheduling of bank’s loans in case of emergent cases/circumstances .
  • To raise policy matters with regard to institutional finance with RBI, NABARD and Government of India and provide for a solution.
  • To assist in preparation of potential link plan in order to get maximum refinance assistance from NABARD. To act as coordinator between the executive departments and NABARD in order to complete irrigation projects, rural roads, bridges under rural infrastructure development fund.
  • To provide necessary assistance in setting up SHG’s /farmer clubs under micro financing scheme of NABARD to avail maximum institutional finance in the State.
  • To act as a coordinator for the settlement of over-dues of banks/financial institutions as various government under-takings & to prepare a data base for government guarantees .
  • To monitor and follow-up social security schemes and to give advise to concerned insurance companies/executive simple to make and practical.
  • To assist in other insurance related work of U.P. Govt. such as insurance for election duty